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About Infonet Global Fze

What are we?

Infonet Global is a Systems Integrator and Information Technology Solutions Providing Company. Some of our Key Solutions are Access Control, CCTV surveillance and Business Solutions. The company Infonet Global is a technology consulting Solution Provider specialized in Network Consultancy and Solutions with expertise in Telecom, Internet, Security & Web Solution with a vision to provide IT and Electronic Automation solutions to cater the unique and unobtainable market requirements.

We are also into client/server applications as well as emerging technologies such as Mobile computing, wireless networks, remote network access/Remote control, Enterprise Messaging and many more.

Infonet Global established by an IT experts based in Dubai and powered by a remarkably polished and cultured team with a differentiated market approach, Infonet has successfully influenced a market penetration and within a record period of time, has become an acknowledged force in the Corporate Service Industry.
We recommend technologies to the client based on what is best for the client. We provide technology solutions, services and products for a large number of SMB’s, Enterprise Customers and Public Sector Organizations. Extending across a range of industry segments and business domains, our solutions have helped our valued customers derive value from their technology investments and enhance competitiveness. We ensure that our solutions have a direct and
measurable impact on your organizations competitiveness.

Our goal is to offer our clients solutions based around the latest technology and products and to deliver them to the very highest standards

our mission

Our mission is in helping companies operate more productively and efficiently through consulting, integration, and outsourcing services we provide. In today’s business environment companies often turn to outsource to maintain their competitive focus, enhance their IT skillsets, and cut costs. With IT outsourcing enterprises can afford to focus on boosting productivity and performance to meet their business goals. Built upon core competencies in technology, IT processes, and project management.


world class office automation products delivered to you along with excellent service;

Founder & CEO
Infonet Global Fze

How we Made it

Our Valued Clients

Our clients are corporate clients to small and medium businesses and the list continues to grow as we evolve as a leading IT solution provider. Some of our valued Corporate clients include: Customer Orientation is valuing the customer who is the soul of any business and it is only fitting that they define the dimensions of our corporate existence. Our job is to satisfy our customers.

Our Top Brands

Our Top Quality brands like Biotamz have delivered excellence in industry and has allowed us to always stay on top ahead of our competitors.If you are looking for world class office automation products delivered to you along with excellent service then Infonet Global is the way.


We are proud of our strategies and some companies we are proud to work with

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